Innovate on the Hill

A collection of resources, events, programs, and opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and changemakers at Brown and RISD.

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  • Brown EP

    Brown EP

    The Brown Entrepreneurship Program is the student-run entrepreneurship initiative on campus. We ignite the entrepreneurial community of College Hill through tailored programming and resources to help students create change.

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  • Hack@Brown


    Hack@Brown is a weekend full of learning new technologies, making great friends, and pushing your limits. Everyone is welcome. Whether you’re making your first website, hardware hacking with an Arduino, or starting with design, Hack@Brown is for you.

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  • E'Ship

    RISD E'Ship

    E'Ship is the student-run hub of entrepreneurial activity at RISD. We translate creative talent into tangible projects that foster impact in and beyond the RISD community.

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  • Startup@Brown


    Startup@Brown is a weekend-long conference at Brown University that brings together innovative startups and talented students. Come to learn about startups and their stories through workshops and conversations. Leave with a new perspective and your next summer internship or full-time job.

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  • Better World by Design

    A Better World by Design

    Better World by Design is a student-led initiative at Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design that facilitates collaboration between designers, educators, innovators, and students in an annual three-day conference.

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  • Startup Office Hours

    Startup Office Hours

    Office hours for student entrepreneurs looking for guidance. Sign up for a timeslot and get helpful and insightful advice on your idea, startup or project.

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  • Critical Design | Critical Futures

    Critical Design | Critical Futures

    How are contemporary designers envisaging modes of design that are critical, future directed and challenge the status quo? We explore the different ways in which forms of critical design are now being conceptualized and enacted.

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  • Humanity Centered Robotics

    Humanity Centered Robotics

    We are a group of Brown University faculty, students, and affiliates dedicated to robotics as a means to tackle the problems the world faces today. Our research ultimately aims to help create and understand robots that coexist harmoniously with humans.

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  • Design+Health


    Design+Health is a student-led collaboration between the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design. We leverage design thinking to tackle the complex challenges facing the world of medicine.

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  • Hack@Brown Workshops

    Hack@Brown Workshops

    Come with your friends and learn animation, how to make a website, an iOS game, and more! There are always cookies.

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  • E-Partners

    E'Ship E Partners

    E Partners are supported with seed funding, mentorship from faculty and local entrepreneurs, and access to the E'Ship co-working space.

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  • Brown EP Synapse


    Synapse brings 20 of Brown's and RISD's most exceptional engineers, designers, and aspiring entrepreneurs to visit an array of companies and build essential bridges with successful alumni entrepreneurs during their summer internships in San Francisco.

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  • Brown Creative Mind

    Brown creative mind

    The courses, programs, and conversations of the Creative Mind Initiative explore the roots of creative thinking and dissolve disciplinary boundaries in search of new modes of teaching and learning.

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  • Brown Technology Ventures Office

    Brown Technology Ventures Office

    The Technology Ventures Office (TVO) works with faculty to commercialize inventions created from research at Brown. Brown's VTO fosters strategic collaborations with industry through licensing, sponsored research, and launching of new ventures.

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  • Brown STEAM

    Brown STEAM

    Brown STEAM is a student group at Brown University, aiming to explore the interdisciplinary intersections of disparate fields, using the starting point of uniting the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) with the creative arts, design, and the humanities.

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    The first student-run organization part of the national movement to include Art & Design in STEM. Through our programs and events, we aim to inspire a generation of creative problem solvers. We believe multidisciplinary working & learning will empower teams in an increasingly connected world.

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  • BDW Maker Grants

    BDW Maker Grants

    Funds, up to $500, to support individuals or groups in design projects. BDW is especially interested in community-building projects and enabling long-term student-driven work in the space. Grant recipients also receive manager feedback and dedicated storage space.

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  • Hack@Brown Learning Resources

    Hack@Brown Learning Resources

    A list of resources, ideas, and tutorials to jumpstart your web projects! Learning never ends.

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  • Engaged Scholars Program

    Engaged Scholars Program

    The Engaged Scholars Program (ESP) supports students and faculty who seek to integrate teaching, research, and practice in order to advance scholarship and benefit the world beyond Brown.

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  • E-Fellows

    E'Ship E Fellows

    E Fellows have made significant strides toward developing a creative venture, and have been selected by E'Ship and RISD's Career Center to receive a grant of $1,000 to advance their work.

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  • Brown Design Workshop

    Brown Design Workshop

    Space on campus designed to provide a collaborative and creative environment for project-based learning. Open to all of Brown and RISD, the space houses a new set of rapid prototyping equipment, allowing students to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

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  • Steam STUDIO


    STEAMstudio is an experimental, project-based course designed and taught collaboratively by students and faculty at Brown and RISD. These projects are designed to serve as an introduction to iterative design processes and creative practice.

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  • Brown CS

    Brown Computer Science

    Since its inception in 1979, the Computer Science Department at Brown has forged a path of innovative information technology research and teaching at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

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